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Firefighting PPE was top of the agenda last week, with specialist PPE suppliers from across the globe gathering for Bristol Uniforms’ 10th Distributor Conference.  During the three-day conference, some 40 appointed distributors from across Asia, Europe, South America, Africa and

2017 sees the launch of Pacific Helmets latest water rescue helmet the R6-W. “Given the increase in extreme weather globally, we felt the time was right for a high-end water rescue helmet that provides head protection well above that of many

Trellchem protective suits come in many types, styles, materials, and designs. This short video demonstrates the basic features: a starting-point for selecting the best protective suit for any particular situation, task, hazard and environment.

KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysian firefighters have rescued a 60-kilogram Hawksbill turtle from certain death. The turtle was stuck to a floodgate at a power station in northwestern Negeri Sembilan state. Firefighters were called to the floodgate when the turtle was observed

Indonesian authorities say five people have died after a ferry caught fire in the Java Sea, but a nearby ship has been able to rescue 187 people from the vessel. The national search and rescue agency's operations director, Ivan Ahmad

This technical film is edited and produced by a Newcastle University student, on the topic of a new wildfire suppression strategy using GPS and Guided Missiles.


Big data is a concept of using data to facilitate

Research into how Australian children are involved in bushfire preparations

Last issue, Part 1 of this article covered a range

Standards Australia is the nation’s peak non-government, not-for-profit organisation for

In the last few decades, the frequency of large, intense

Three critical areas of focus appear to be uppermost in

The minimisation of false and unwanted alarms is a key

Many community groups, schools, forestry managers and others whose properties

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Interspiro, the renowned designer and manufacturer of SCBA equipment, has recently released a new breathing apparatus, developed in close co-operation with professional firefighters. Named Incurve after its ergonomically and anatomically optimised

World Class Products and Customer Service Tornatech specializes in the conception and manufacturing of fire pump controllers in accordance with the NFPA 20 standard. They are UL listed and FM approved.

The news is filled with ever more examples of fires caused by Lithium batteries, from e-cigarettes to mobile phones and even electric vehicles, the danger is ever present. Of course

The role of a firefighter is constantly evolving. Today across the globe, firefighters are spending much less time actually fighting fires. Instead, in many countries the vast majority of call-outs

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For over 35 years Pacific Safety International Ltd (PSI), owned and operated by the Bennett family, has provided world class safety equipment to emergency services around the world, without compromise. Within the experienced PSI family of companies is Pacific Helmets NZ

Since 2010 the LHD Group Hong Kong Ltd. has been the supplier in providing protective garments and after sales service to the Hong Kong Fire Services Department. During this period the company has not only delivered more than 13, 000

Simon-Carmichael International Group Ltd. (SIG), manufactures a comprehensive range of World Class Fire Fighting Vehicles under the SIMON and CARMICHAEL UK brand names, serving all sectors of the Fire Fighting Industry including Aviation, Industrial, Municipal, Petrochemical and Defense. With facilities

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