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HAAGEN Fire Training Products

HAAGEN Fire Training Products

HAAGEN’s portfolio includes some of the largest multidisciplinary fire training campuses in the world. You may recognise us for our large scale projects like the Victorian Emergency Management Training Centre (VEMTC) in Melbourne or the Country Fire Authority’s mobile fire training fleet, but you can count on HAAGEN for any type or size of fire training: from basic fire prevention to full-scale immersive firefighter training.

Our range of products stretches from fire extinguisher training systems to live-fire and digital firefighter training tools, delivered in both standard and custom built solutions.

We’re committed to helping you support your trainees and the skills they need to learn in unique ways. With HAAGEN, you can master the basics before building up to live-fire training — and beyond. Our digitally enabled products offer the same unpredictability and variety you’ll see in actual emergencies. Plus, they’re safer and easy to repeat. Then, we can help you execute Class A and Gas-Based burns that align with your training objectives, when your trainees have the skills to manage them. Because many of our products work together seamlessly, you can think of our tools, props, and facilities as pieces of a bigger puzzle. You can add onto your existing program instead of buying new equipment every year as your needs change. You can give your people the skills, knowledge, and experience they need today and in the future. You can stretch your budget. And best of all, you can get them home safe.


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