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Leader Sentry Duty for USAR

Leader Sentry Duty for USAR

The LEADER Sentry provides additional security for USAR personnel when entering a dangerous structure. A simple program setting of the laser ray of the Sentry detects the slightest movement of a structure or mass that may endanger rescuers.

Two Sentry laser sensors can be linked simultaneously to monitor two different structures or two axis of movement of the same structure. If the movement of the structure under surveillance exceeds the warning threshold chosen, a powerful 98 dB alarm siren and a flashing light are activated to warn of an impending collapse, alerting rescuers to evacuate.

Among its many feature, the Sentry offers: a laser beam range of 30 meters; adjustment by increments from 5 mm to 100 mm to determine the acceptable maximum threshold of movement; a clear control screen showing movement in real time with the choice of imperial or metric measurement; the possibility of multi-sources power to be operational in all situations; and an automatic switchover to AA batteries back up if the main power source fails.

For more information, go to www.leader-group.eu

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