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Trellchem protective suits come in many types, styles, materials, and designs. This short video demonstrates the basic features: a starting-point for selecting the best protective suit for any particular situation, task, hazard and environment.

KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysian firefighters have rescued a 60-kilogram Hawksbill turtle from certain death. The turtle was stuck to a floodgate at a power station in northwestern Negeri Sembilan state. Firefighters were called to the floodgate when the turtle was observed

Indonesian authorities say five people have died after a ferry caught fire in the Java Sea, but a nearby ship has been able to rescue 187 people from the vessel. The national search and rescue agency's operations director, Ivan Ahmad

This technical film is edited and produced by a Newcastle University student, on the topic of a new wildfire suppression strategy using GPS and Guided Missiles.

Exova Group plc, the global testing, calibration and advisory services provider, has acquired Defire Holdings Pty Ltd (Defire), a Sydney-based fire safety engineering consultancy business. Defire has been providing leading fire safety expertise to Australia’s building and infrastructure sectors for

It is estimated that 20% of the world’s population will be living in Africa within the next 20 years. The Africa story has meant that consumer demands, expectations, lifestyles and business needs are changing drastically. And this is set to dramatically impact travel

Get up to an additional 15% off plus free freight for a limited time. With the introduction of AS 1851 - 2012 Amendment 1 ready logbooks, Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) has placed significant orders with our supplier and, for a limited

Offering the latest in compact marine detection and control panel, Kidde Australia can provide a solution specifically designed for commercial and recreational boats and other small to medium applications protected by Stat-X aerosol suppression systems. Developed and manufactured by Kidde in

On May 9th eleven young children - five South Korean and six Chinese - were killed along with their driver when their bus crashed and burst into flames in a tunnel in China's eastern Shandong province. The bus had been

We understand the effects of El Nino being the Spanish for “the boy” where regional climates become hotter and drier and La Nina “the girl” where regional climates become cooler and wetter. Each year the southern oscillation index (a climate