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Shanghai – Plane crashes into bridge killing five people

July 20 – An amphibious plane crashed into a highway bridge on the edge of Chinese commercial hub Shanghai on Wednesday, killing at least five people.

The plane, owned by charter airline Joy General Aviation, was taking off on a demonstration flight with 10 people on board including the crew, when it hit the bridge in Jinshan district.

Five were killed, and the number injured is still to be confirmed. Photos posted online showed the plane with its nose on the bridge and its tail on the water.

The operator, which flies from a base in the nearby province of Zhejiang, bills itself as the first aviation company to widely use amphibious aircraft in China. It offers short flights for tourists to nearby islands as well as sightseeing tours.

The plane was identified by local media as a Cessna 208B, in a variation that uses floats in place of landing gear for use on water.

Firefighters and police assisted in the extraction of injured passengers.

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