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Six children among 15 killed in Philippines market fire

The blaze started by what appears to be an electrical fault has claimed the lives of 15 people at a market in southern Philippines.

Fifteen people, including six children, have been killed after they were trapped in a burning market in the southern Philippines.

The victims were sleeping in a padlocked building when the fire broke out before dawn, the blaze believed to have been triggered by faulty electrical wiring.

Vendors and their families regularly spend the night inside the market in the port city of Zamboanga to watch over their merchandise, mostly used clothes and vegetables. All but one of the buildings many entrance and exit doors are left open for the night, police said.

“The victims were trapped in the burning building. They couldn’t find their way out,” Chief Inspector Joel Tuttuh said.

Huge and sometimes deadly fires at sprawling slums, markets and factories are common in the Philippines, where fire safety regulations are sometimes willfully disregarded.

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