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Tekmax Telecom

Tekmax Telecom

The Korean expert group specialized in natural disaster prevention, engages in the full extent of process regarding development and management of intelligent systems (both hardware and software) that capture signals and deliver the data to relevant parties. For instance, if a forest fire is caught on CCTV, the system will be activated to provide warnings to disaster information centers throughout the nation via high-speed communications networks. The system assists to figure out the nearest fire department and make sure the FD takes immediate actions for fire suppression. Tekmax Telecom is a leading company that has been committed to the development of core technologies involved in the example explained.

The expert group has contributed to development of data processing system for meteorological analysis, modernization of integrated wireless networks at over 200 forest sites, and scientification of fire suppression tactics using air vehicles. Tekmax Telecom rises in many related partners’ estimations for the expertise and passion towards advancement of disaster prevention systems in the world.

The company has been occupying itself with a deep study of new ways to enhance fire suppression process. Tekmax Telecom will proudly introduce a large-sized multicopter named as ELECBIRDTM Wing-K. This unmanned drone-type vehicle is the outcome of 2 years of intense research and development. The vehicle is capable of uninterrupted flight for 40 minutes, payload up to 60kg, imagery transmission, and positioning system. With innovative features, the multicopter is expected to be used for various emergency situations and take the assistance operations to a whole new level.


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