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TYCO SprinkCAD™ Software Suite

A must-have advanced sprinkler design software for the fire protection professional.

Learn how to build a code-compliant sprinkler system quickly and easily with the TYCO SprinkCAD software suite. This advanced sprinkler design software provides comprehensive tools for sprinkler system design, hydraulic calculation, fluid delivery time calculation, and more.

The full SprinkCAD software suite includes: SprinkCAD 3D™, SprinkFDT™, SprinkCODE™ Connect, SprinkCALC™, and SprinkSLIC™.

SprinkCAD 3D
Easily build a code-compliant sprinkler system. Work in full 3D using the new SprinkCAD 3D, or generate 3D models from SprinkCAD Classic. 

This interactive tool helps quickly and accurately narrow options for the desired system density and coverage area—within seconds available options can be displayed for any NFPA 13 or EN code requirement. New web-based functionality can provide the latest code information anytime, anywhere.

Perform hydraulic calculations and share with an approving authority. This flexible calculation tool allows you to input and edit any sprinkler system design with ease using a variety of measurement units (Metric, Imperial/U.S., or mixed).

As the only UL listed software for calculating fluid delivery time, SprinkFDT calculates dry valve trip time and water delivery time to the remote area without the requirement of a physical trip test, saving time for the installer and approving authority.

This standalone stock listing software allows you to easily create and interpret detailed pipe fabrication, using fast input and clear screens.

Discover SprinkCAD 3D, watch the video above

Our dedicated team of support technicians and trainers is ready to support your business. We offer a variety of training and support options including personal on-site classes and web-based sessions to help SprinkCAD users of all levels of proficiency. Classes can be customized to the user’s individual needs, from self-led training using professionally written tutorials to classroom instruction led by seasoned industry veterans.


For more information or to schedule a demonstration, visit www.SprinkCAD.com or Tel: +91 80 4052 7000 / Email: Sprinkcad-APAC@tycofp.com  

(To direct your call, please request for the SprinkCAD Support Team)

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