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10 Tanker Air Carrier

In 2006 10 Tanker Air Carrier introduced a new asset to the Wildland Fire Industry in the form of a DC-10 wide-body jet, setting new standards for capacity, speed, safety and cost effectiveness.  With these attributes in play, fire managers recognized the tremendous efficiencies the DC-10 brings to the mission, and how this single tool can keep fires smaller and less destructive for both the ecosystem and their constituents.

The performance of the DC-10 increases the lift capacity 4 to 1 over the next largest retardant tanker.  By bringing four times more retardant to the line in a single flight, fires can be extinguished more quickly and risk exposure limited for both pilots and ground personnel. At the same time, these efficiencies reduce the cost per gallon delivered by half, an important figure for budget conscious fire managers.  More to the point for firefighters on the ground, the effectiveness of the DC-10 represents the most significant innovation in aerial fire suppression since the introduction of tanked skycranes.

10 Tanker DC-10s have operated on wildfires across the United States, Canada and Australia. They have dropped retardant in every type of terrain ranging from the Sierra to Texas, and the Pacific Northwest to the Rockies, everywhere finding high praise for the dramatic effectiveness of these modified and fully certified aircraft.

10 Tanker Air Carrier continues working to enhance what is already the safest, most effective airtanker available, and plans to expand its scope of operation to serve firefighters around the globe.

For more information, go to www.10tanker.com

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