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ACCUFIRE manufacture small, utility mounted fire lighters. These enable farm, forest and rangeland managers the capability to efficiently ignite large tracts of target flammable vegetation quickly, safely and remotely from the cabin of a utility vehicle.

The origins of ACCUFIRE is from broadacre agriculture.

There is a concerted move within Australian agriculture to effectively control the developing menace of herbicide resistant weed seeds. In all the grainbelt regions, resistant weed seeds are mechanically collected with existing farm equipment at grain harvest time. Weed seeds, grain stubble and chaff material is channelled into a windrow, then burnt in a controlled manner using the Accufire Broadacre Firelighter to effectively kill off the target weed seeds.

Further enhancement of this firelighter has enabled ACCUFIRE to offer a firelighter unit for forest and rangeland managers for hazard reduction applications.

Used by land managers whose focus is on routine hazard reduction burning of flammable forest vegetation and rangeland grass vegetation. Accufire can introduce the operator to comfort, speed and efficiency with:

  • In cab switch control for fire on/ fire off
  • “Quick tatch” to utility dropside or to lighters own frame mount
  • “Obstacle flick past” spring loaded swingarm
  • Ambidextrous as it can function on either side of the utility
  • Angle of flame throw is adjustable for speed or cast distance
  • Operates in forward and reverse
  • Auxiliary long range fuel tank capacity as standard
  • Fuel and gas efficient
  • Hands free stress free


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