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Advanced Readiness & Response Software Deployed To 2,500 Emergency Responders in Canada

British Columbia has announced their new data management system to track the readiness and response of over 2,500 emergency response personnel provincially in collaboration with Emergency Management BC and British Columbia Search & Rescue.

British Columbia, Canada (November 2017) – The British Columbia Search and Rescue Association (BCSARA) is one of the largest response organizations in Canada. It represents and supports the 80 Emergency Management BC recognized ground and inland water search and rescue groups with over 2,500 responders in the province.

Provision of Search and Rescue in British Columbia creates many unique challenges; not only is the province vast in size, but the terrain can be steep, and the weather can be extreme. Gathering data and statistics from across such a wide and varied region requires unique and powerful technologies to assist them managing a large organization.

D4H Technologies has been announced as the successful bidder for the British Columbia Search and Rescue Data Management System. BCSARA President, Chris Kelly, remarked: “We look forward to working with D4H to assist BCSARA and our SAR Groups with data collection, support during operations and forecasting needs into the future”.

D4H specializes in cloud-based solutions for the management of emergency response teams allowing emergency response organizations to manage their incidents, personnel, and equipment and submit the required reporting to provincial and federal governments. D4H software has been deployed in over 16 countries including provincial, state, and national implementations. To solve the challenges faced within British Columbia, D4H are providing a world-class software solution used by professional response teams around the world.

Within Canada, D4H already provides their products to fire departments in all major cities, federal disaster response teams, multiple oil-sands facilities and mines, and a majority of the search and rescue teams nation-wide. “We are delighted to be part of this initiative in British Columbia” commented Robin Blandford, CEO of D4H Technologies, “we get to go back to my
roots in SAR, deploying world-class Incident Analytics, Personnel & Training, and Equipment Management solutions into one of the world’s most well-developed response systems”.

Hundreds of search and rescue administrators within British Columbia are currently undertaking on-site training in D4H. This project is supported under the Search and Rescue New Initiatives Fund (NIF), administered by the National Search and Rescue Secretariat (Public Safety Canada).

D4H Products Used by BCSARA

Personnel & Training: A highly collaborative system that will pro-actively engage personnel to reach the highest standard of training and professionalism. Designed specifically for response teams to manage their training programs, personnel administration, and performance.

Equipment Management: Smart and easy asset management software designed especially for response teams who struggle with the complexity of equipment management. Our software will proactively guide the user through the equipment
lifecycle to ensure it is always ready-to-go.

Incident Reporting & Analytics: Simple yet powerful software that gives response teams deep insights into their incident history. This data can be used to re-evaluate operations, make better decisions, save costs, and measure the true value of the team.

For Information on D4H Visit www.d4htechnologies.com

For information on BCSARA Visit www.bcsara.com

Image is a montage of BCSARA activity courtesy of D4H

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