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Hatz Diesel provide support for fire services Australia-wide.

All fired up

Most people don’t know Hatz Diesel Australia have been working with the fire industry for over 30 years and supply 80 per cent of the diesel engines for Australia’s fire fighter pumps. And that’s the way they like it.

A low profile in the market is not what most companies aspire to. However, for Hatz Diesel, it’s proof that Australian fire fighters don’t need to worry about the engine that powers their water supply.

In fact, the Australian fire industry has never reported a failure with a Hatz Diesel engine in an emergency, which has made Hatz Diesel a leading supplier in fire for over 30 years.

Firefighting pumps are used in extreme conditions and must deliver pressure and flow at all times. Failure to perform can literally be a matter of life and death, which is why fire pump manufacturers favour Hatz Diesel’s reliable and robust engines.

In addition to supplying reliable engines for fire fighter pumps, Hatz Diesel also provide round the clock support for Australia’s fire services when they need it most: during a major fire event.

Sami Almogawish, Managing Director of Hatz Diesel Australia, says timing is everything in the fire industry and Hatz Diesel is well known for their responsiveness.

Ready to do what it takes

“During the 2014 Tasmanian bushfires I picked up the phone to the fire brigade chief and offered to fly down one of my technicians – just in case,” Sami says.

“We expect our engines to perform – our record is impeccable – but I like to offer extra support where and when I can, to give our fireys peace of mind,” he says.

For Hatz Diesel, peace of mind includes sending the bush fire brigade spare parts ahead of the Christmas period every year, in case they are needed. The company decided many years ago to start sending consumable spare parts, so that the fire brigade would have them on-hand to resolve any required maintenance urgently – without having to wait for parts to be shipped.

“Christmas can be a slow time for shipping. We don’t want that adversely affecting our emergency services capacity to respond to a call out,”

“Hatz is there 24/7 for the fire industry, particularly during our dreaded bushfire season. From spare parts to technical support, we’re always on standby,” Sami says.

All Hatz Diesel engines are run-tested before they are sent to customers so they are ready to install when they arrive.

All Hatz Diesel engines are run-tested before they are sent to customers so they are ready to install when they arrive.

Silent Pack

Sami says Australia is a global leader when it comes to fire fighting and that unlike those in some other countries, Australian fire fighter pumps use diesel engines.

“Diesel is less flammable than petrol, making diesel engines a safer choice for fire fighter pumps,” he says.

In 1978, Hatz Diesel developed the renowned Silent Pack diesel engine range specifically for the fire industry and 38 years later it’s still a market leader.

The air-cooled Silent Pack was designed to be a ‘quiet engine’ and is in fact the quietest industrial engine in its class.

“Fire fighters need to be able to communicate, so we set out to develop a high performance engine that is quiet to run,” Sami says.

Fully encapsulated, all moving parts are housed under a sheet metal canopy infused with structure-borne sound insulation.

Sami says the Silent Pack reduces radiated noise emission by 90% and ten Silent Pack engines emit only as much noise as a single unit.

There are two ranges in the Silent Pack family. The L series includes two, three and four cylinder four stroke diesel engines and the D series offers a smaller single cylinder option.

The Silent Pack features a robust design and delivers exceptionally long service intervals. All control and service points can easily be accessed through removable panels on the canopy, which makes for easy maintenance and repairs.

The canopy is smaller than other noise-reduction engine cowlings and is just as efficient as expensive and heavy encapsulations. The Silent Pack is extremely low on fuel and oil consumption, and the L series are the only exhaust compliant, air cooled engines available in their power range.

The Silent Pack, like all Hatz Diesel engines, continues to operate in extreme temperatures, including catastrophic fire conditions.

Hatz Diesel can supply Silent Pack engines for ‘energised to stop configuration’ applications, which means unlike most diesel engines, they won’t shut down if electrical power is lost. In this configuration the Silent Pak engines will not let the user down, which is exactly what fire fighters need in an emergency situation.

“Above all the Silent Pack is reliable. From our volunteer bush fire brigades to state fire services, the men and women on the front line need reliable equipment.”

The Hatz Diesel factory-encapsulated Silent Pack diesel engine.

The Hatz Diesel factory-encapsulated Silent Pack diesel engine.

German designed

The Silent Pack is part of a wider stable of German-designed air-cooled and water-cooled industrial diesel engines. With 142-years of German engineering behind them, all Hatz Diesel engines are tested extensively at the factory in Germany, and tested in the field for several years ahead of release.

Hatz Diesel also invests heavily in research and development, with more than 50 staff employed in R&D.

“Quality, innovation, reliability – these are things Hatz Diesel takes very seriously.”

“Our engineers talk to the end users, from fire fighters to farmers, as well as OEMs, so we can design an engine that is fit for purpose. Then we ensure the engine delivers fuel economy, long service intervals and low emissions – all the things a quality engine should deliver – and more.”

Sami says Hatz Diesel is big on quality control. In fact, one in 10 employees at the factory in Bavaria, Germany, are quality control inspectors.

“All Hatz Diesel engines are manufactured to the highest standard.”

Hatz Diesel engines deliver exceptionally long service intervals.

Hatz Diesel engines deliver exceptionally long service intervals.

Hatz Diesel Australia

Hatz Diesel in Australia upholds the rigorous standards set by their global parent company.

Sami says it is these standards that makes the 30 year old Australian subsidiary a trusted name in frontline firefighting – albeit a low profile one.

“We pre-deliver all engines before we ship them to customers. Engines are shipped here from Germany ready to deliver, however we run the engine so it is ready for the customer to install and use immediately.”

Hatz Diesel keeps a full service centre in Sydney stocked with parts and offers a design and customisation service. And with a team of engineers and mechanics on site, Hatz Diesel do all modifications for customers in house.

With 70 service agents Australia wide, Hatz Diesel supplies spare parts and replacement systems quickly and can carry out rapid repairs.

“Response time is everything.”

Bushfire season

In Australia, summer is synonymous with bushfires. There has been a 40% increase in bushfires between 2008 and 2013 and eight out of 10 of the hottest years on record in Australia have been since 2003.

Not many Australians will easily forget the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires that claimed 173 lives and destroyed many more. Sadly, 430 lives have been lost in Australian bushfires in the past 50 years.

With another bushfire season upon us in Australia, Sami says Hatz Diesel is more committed than ever to their long-standing relationship with the fire industry.

Sami says not many people think about the engine that powers a fire pump and not many people know Hatz Diesel supplies most of those engines.

“But that’s ok. We’re proud of our low profile in the fire industry. It means our engines do their job.”

For more information, go to www.hatz.com.au/

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Sami Almogawish, Managing Director of Hatz Diesel Australia.

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