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ANSUL Fire Detection – Prepare for the Worst, Protect with the Best

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), mining and mineral processing facilities run one of the higher fire hazards that potentially put personnel, equipment and buildings in danger. Extreme environments such as underground mining also pose a high risk for fatalities and injuries. Fire events lead to damaged equipment resulting in costly downtimes that negatively affect the overall business.

With all of these risks in mind, it is important to ensure adequate fire detection and suppression systems are installed on mobile equipment.

A holistic approach to fire protection for mining vehicles begins with effective fire detection and actuation to control and suppress flames in seconds. A robust and dependable detection and actuation system, such as the ANSUL CHECKFIRE 210, helps provide 24-hour protection of equipment in extreme environments.

Used with an ANSUL LVS, A-101, or Twin Agent Vehicle Fire Suppression System, the CHECKFIRE 210 is engineered to to stand up to extreme operating environments. This versatile system is designed to provide detection, alarm and fire suppression system actuation for mobile applications like hydraulic excavators, haul trucks, wheeled loaders, dozers and graders.

One of the hallmarks of the CHECKFIRE 210 system is its flexibility in protecting multiple hazard areas. Featuring color-coded, plug-and-play connectors, the system is equipped with two, independent detection circuits configurable for various options including single-zone detection, two-zone detection, cross-zone detection, discharge pressure feedback monitoring or alarm only.


Detection is the critical first step in successfully dealing with the threat of fire. The CHECKFIRE 210 offers two highly-reliable forms of detection used individually or in combination. Linear Detection Wire consists of spring-steel conductors separated by a heat sensitive insulator. At the temperature rating of the wire, 356°F (180°C), the insulator melts and the two conductors make contact, sending a signal to the detection module, which signals the control module to actuate the fire suppression system. With Spot Thermal Detection, the thermal detector contacts close and signal the control module to initiate fire suppression when the temperature reaches either 250°F or 350°F (121°C or 177°C) depending on the model selected.

Upon receiving a fire detection signal, the display module activates the release circuit, which is capable of actuating up to 10 agent tanks via electronic actuators mounted directly onto expellant gas cartridges. The system can also be actuated manually by either the manual activation button on the display module itself or electric manual actuators used remotely from various locations on protected equipment. The display module can be mounted in the dashboard or surface mounted utilizing a swivel bracket. Through communication with the display module, operators receive continuous system updates, and operator input commands go directly to the Interface Control Module (ICM). The system programming may be accomplished using the manual programming button and indicator LEDs or by using a computer with the ANSUL CHECKFIRE 210 Programmer software communicating through the micro USB port.

It is crucial to equip mining vehicles with integrated fire suppression systems to avoid expensive repairs and keep insurance costs down, and at the same time, avoid serious, life-threatening injuries.

Complimenting pre-engineered fire protection systems, ANSUL RED LINE Cartridge-Operated Fire Extinguishers provide powerful portable fire protection in tough mining environments. These highly mobile extinguishers offer a robust, quick-response option for one person operation. These premium fire extinguishers are designed for superior performance in high-risk industries and are easy to service with on-the-spot recharge. Tough, carbon steel shells are designed to resist impact, vibration and corrosion to endure harsh environments.

It is critical that mining professionals take a holistic approach to fire protection by incorporating the most advanced technologies in detection, actuation and fire suppression such as dry chemical, dual agent, clean agent and portable solutions to help save time, money and ultimately, lives.

For further information, go to www.ansul.com

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ANSUL® is a global premium brand of Tyco Fire Protection Products. ANSUL special hazard fire protection products are designed and manufactured to strict standards and tested under the scrutiny of national and international independent testing laboratories and approval agencies.

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