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Are we getting closer to predicting Volcanoes?

Each month an estimated 40 volcanoes erupt on land, while more erupt unseen on the ocean floor, and large eruptions like those in Iceland and Indonesia can destroy property and even bring air traffic to a grinding halt. Scientists are using various gas collection technologies, on-site and satellite to collect data on the changes in gasses being omitted from volcanoes to try and predict when an eruption is likely.

‘In the hours before an eruption, we see consistent changes in the amount of carbon dioxide emitted relative to sulphur dioxide.’ ‘Keeping an eye on the ratios globally via satellites and on-site monitoring helps us learn the precursors of volcanic eruptions’. The initiative aims to treble the number of permanent gas monitoring stations by 2019 said Dr Fisher.

An App has been developed to show the worlds eruptions and earthquakes, it is worth watch just to see the intensity in the Asia Pacific region. volcano.si.edu/E3/

For more information, go to www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3827226/Global-help-predict-cataclysmic-SUPERVOLCANO-eruptions-end-life-Earth.html#ixzz4MeSZGV00


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