Happy New Year to you all!!!

This issue of Asia Pacific Fire starts the year full of interesting and informative articles. We take a look at the Fire Protection Industry Awards – Nine deserving winners across eight categories were given the gong in recognition of their achievements in the fire industry.

Other interesting articles we have in this issue include Choosing the right clean agent for your fire hazard; Stop cancer at the door!; Terrorism: The changing risk environment for firefighters and have a special report looking the Korea Fire Safety Association:Dreaming of the world’s representative safety organization beyond Korea.

Other informative articles include Understanding the drivers for successful disaster response across government; Emergency response to coal and energy production incidents in Victoria; Tsunami risk in Australia: Facilitating community understanding and much, much more.

We sincerely hope you enjoy reading yet another exciting issue of Asia Pacific Fire Magazine.

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Trellchem VPS gastight suit.
Image supplied by Ansell – Trellchem.

Sarah Anderson, David Arber, Glen Beasley, Aston Bowles, David Bruce, Petra Buergelt, George Carayannopoulos, Darren Conlin, David Johnston, Jason Jones, Torbjorn Lundmark, Gavin Parker, Douglas Paton, Daniel Petrovski, Ron Pulido, Katelyn Rossiter, Andrew Richards, Darren Webb, Christopher J. Wieczorek, James Wong.

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