This issue of Asia Pacific Fire is yet again full of interesting articles to keep you informed as the year gets into full flow. We take a look at the NFPA facade risk assessment research to be presented at Fire Australia 2018.

Other interesting articles we have in this issue includes High Reach Extendable Turrets – Beyond Turrets, Trust in PPE, Constructive protection methods against dust explosions, New risks for vehicles with alternative fuels and Predicting thunderstorms.

Other informative articles include closing the gap for warehouse protection in China, LNG and LPG fires – the importance of selecting the right equipment, a history of the Australasian Association of Fire Investigators Conferences and much, much more.

We sincerely hope you enjoy reading yet another exciting issue of Asia Pacific Fire Magazine.

If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Evaluating fire risk in warehouses with lower levels of combustible loading. Image courtesy of FM Global and Tianjin Fire Research Institute.

Ashley Avci, Dr Ian D Bennetts, Catherine Dunkerley, Jonathan Gehandler, Andrew Gissing, Bob Gliem, Jen Hoyt, Nabeel Kurban, Peter Johnson, Brenda Leahy, Rick McRae, Pius Neo, Hank Van Ravenstein, Roger Startin, Jim Vingerhoets, Michael Weekes, Andy Walsh, Scott Williams, Rebecca Yeung, Yingzhi Yin.

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