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This issue of Asia Pacific Fire starts the year full of interesting and informative articles. We take a look at how fire suppressants have been around since the first time that water was used to put out a campfire. Water remains the most available, cheapest and highly effective direct attack suppressant available to the wildland fire community, but as we all know water evaporates and volume is lost upon contact with the heat from a fire. In aerial applications, this evaporation is increased with the shearing action of the drop. What’s the answer? NEXTGEN water enhancer innovation.

Other interesting articles we have in this issue include Hilti studies façade fires in real life condition in partnership with UL; Buying an aviation rescue firefighting (ARFF) vehicle and we have Part 1 of a special report looking at The importance of a dedicated fire weather network.

Other informative articles include Responses to the Lombok Earthquake, 2018 – Rapid assessment study; The next generation of emergency managers – what will they look like? Night fire suppression operations trial – Emergency Management Victoria and much, much more.

We sincerely hope you enjoy reading yet another exciting issue of Asia Pacific Fire Magazine.

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Chris Ainsworth, Ashley Avci, Steven Blott, Alan DeCiantis, Ian Dunbar, Rick Fox, Andrew Gissing, Dr Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter, Harlan Johnson, Jonathan van Leeuwen, Rob Llewellyn, Nathan Maddock, Trevor McIntyre, Dr Blythe McLennan, Mark Wallace, Mark Parsons, Wayne Rigg, Lukas de Roo, Brij Bhushan Singh, Scott Starr, Eric Yap.

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