Our world is experiencing a health threat unlike anything we have ever seen and which requires us all to work together to maintain a sense of normality so we can ‘hit the ground running’ when this global pandemic dissipates and allows us to resume business as usual.

To that end, we present the April 2020 issue of Asia Pacific Fire Magazine. Articles of specific interest in this issue are a review of the 2019/20: Australia’s worst fire season on record; Women in aviation #SoCanShe and Flame detection through the use of 3D mapping to aircraft hangers.

Other interesting articles of note in this issue include Flammable cladding in China: A site study 2020; How to buy emergency scene lighting and The quiet hero who delivered zero.

We finish this issue with Natural hazards: the importance of wind research; Knowledge-sharing agreement to boost property resilience against fire; International perspectives in risk reduction and as always much, much more.

We sincerely hope you enjoy reading Asia Pacific Fire Magazine. If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

First responders train under the glow of RSK Rescue Equipment’s Command Light tower. In an era of distracted drivers and demanding scenes, scene lighting is becoming more crucial than ever. Image courtesy of RSK Rescue Equipment

Robert Avsec, Frank Baldrighi, Richard Ballheimer, Raman Chagger, Bob Duval, Stuart Ellis, Richard G.J. Flay, Matthew Foley, Marianne Foley, Peter Hughes, Phil Loach, Dominic Magnoni, Annie Pickett, Amir A.S. Pirooz, William Pittman, Sandra Robinson, Alison Scotland, Richard Turner, Scott Williams, Mike Willson, Gabriel Zito.

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