COVID-19 has changed the world. Fire industry exhibitions have all been postponed but fire protection and firefighting must continue. We are seeing light at the end of the tunnel but there is still some way to go to ensure we are all safe. Fire does not care that we are experiencing a worldwide pandemic and can start at any time. Our Fire professionals need to be ready, no matter what, and so in this issue of Asia Pacific Fire magazine, we have articles looking at how COVID-19 challenged us all while reminding us about the importance of basic safety benchmarks and Dealing with the challenges of conducting fire-protection work in Australia during COVID-19. Other articles of specific interest include the second part of our Flame Detection through the use of 3D mapping to aircraft hangersBring your own air: a brief history of breathing apparatus and Understanding bushfire risk, warnings and responses – lessons from the Reedy Swamp fire. We finish this issue with Emergency evacuations: are you prepared; The evolution of PPE for the world’s female firefighters; What is a fire assessment? and as always much, much more. We sincerely hope you enjoy reading Asia Pacific Fire magazine. If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

NFPA Certified Bullard NXT Thermal Imager offers firefighters the best image quality and the industry’s longest battery run time. Image courtesy of Bullard.

Dr Nigel Blumire, Dr Paul Dare, Torbjorn Lundmark, Ian Lynch, Manfred Kihn, Birgitte Messerschmidt, Gavin Parker, Jim Pauley, William Pittman, Omar Saad, Alison Scotland, Nathan Semos, Emma Singh, Roger Startin, Mark Taylor, Richard Thornton, Paul Waterhouse, Josh Whittaker, Gabriel Zito.

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