Alan DeCiantis
Alan DeCiantis
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As a senior executive at FTS, Mr. DeCiantis fulfills many strategic roles, including that of visionary, tactician, team leader and mentor to new associates. He has been with the company since 2014 and continues to steer the company towards new and gainful opportunities.

The importance of a dedicated fire weather network – Part 2

To meet the modern standards of fire management agencies, weather data must be accurate, timely, representative of actual field conditions, and durable enough to ensure a continuous historical weather record. These can be achieved by working towards a dense network…

The importance of a dedicated fire weather network – Part 1

Every year a vast majority of 30–46 million km2 of the global land surface burn due to wildfire, approximately 4% of the global land surface. Recently in North America the area burnt by wildfires has increased sharply, while regions like…

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