Andrew Gissing
Andrew Gissing
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Andrew Gissing is Director of Resilience and Government Business at Risk Frontiers.

Australia’s largest hailstorm disaster
April 14 marked the 20th anniversary of the Sydney 1999 hailstorm. The storm pelted thousands of homes and vehicles in Sydney’s eastern suburbs that evening with cricket ball and grapefruit sized hailstones, along with heavy rain and strong winds. The…
Responses to the Lombok Earthquake, 2018 – Rapid assessment study

The recent earthquake that occurred in Lombok in August, 2018, presented an opportunity to study the responses of those affected in the immediate aftermath of the event. We find that tourists caught up in disasters are uniquely vulnerable. Few followed…

Increasing emergency management capacity through the business sector

Current research funded through the Bushfire and Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre is exploring planning and capability requirements for catastrophic events. Catastrophic disasters by definition overwhelm the capacity and capability of existing emergency management frameworks, requiring unique approaches to their…

The Hawaii nuclear alert: how did people respond?

Nuclear tensions between the United States and North Korea have been extensively reported as both sides continue to posture via threats and propaganda and North Korea continues its missile tests. North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un has promised to decimate the…

Disaster risk management: Australian challenges

Australia is exposed to a variety of natural and technological disaster risks, which vary in their significance across the nation. Communities are faced with the increasing costs of disaster losses due to higher wealth and the increasing development of hazardous…

Planning for catastrophic disasters

The hallmarks of catastrophic disasters are death and destruction, large scale disruption of communities and businesses, the displacement of populations and public anxiety. Often they occur with little to no warning, overwhelming the capacity of institutions and the community to…

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