Anthony Walker
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Dr Anthony Walker has worked as a firefighter with ACT Fire & Rescue for the past 10 years. After experiencing, and witnessing a number of heat related events at work, he chose to pursue a research program into thermal stress experienced by operational firefighters with the aim to make firefighters safer. This program culminated in him completing a PhD through the University of Canberra, awarded his doctorate in 2015. Anthony has published extensively in the field of thermal physiology and regularly presents at both local and international conferences on firefighter safety at work and bringing research from the athletic field into the work environment.

Monitoring practices of firefighter safety when working in the heat

Firefighters work hard, in environments characterised by high levels of ambient and radiant heat. To further add to their thermal strain, urban firefighters wear heavy, impermeable protective clothing in a range of operating conditions. Despite structural firefighting PPC being designed…

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