Aston Bowles
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Aston Bowles is Marketing Manager at FIA member Advanced.

The ultimate challenge – using the latest fire systems to protect remote sites

Intermittent power, a 12-hour round trip to site – if the ferry’s working that is – and a three-day lead (at best) on spare parts. Any takers for this fire protection job? Although perhaps off-putting to those more familiar with…

The crucial role of fire systems in Asia Pacific data centres

With China alone accounting for seven percent of global data centre capacity and annual growth of 14 percent projected for the next four years, data is big business in the Asia Pacific region. This means that new data centres will…

New technology is helping defeat false fire alarms

In April 2016, a fire alarm went off at Auckland International Airport in New Zealand. The terminal building at the airport, which handles 17 million passengers annually, was evacuated and flights were delayed by several hours. Thankfully, there was no…

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