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Bill Gabbert is the Editor at Wildfire Today and Fire Aviation. www.wildfiretoday.com - www.fireaviation.com

Three commissioners appointed to lead royal commission on Australia’s bushfires

The findings will be due by the end of August, 2020 The Governor-General of Australia has appointed three commissioners to lead a royal commission to look into the bushfires that so far during the 2019-2020 fire season have devastated to…

Huge sign in Times Square thanks firefighters

A large electronic billboard in New York’s Times Square featured a video message this week thanking the firefighters from the United States and Australia that worked on the bushfires in Australia. Go to Source to read moreAuthor: Bill GabbertThe post…

An overview of the C-130 incident in Australia

A video has been posted on YouTube by “blancolirio”, who frequently makes aviation-related videos. In the 15-minute piece he analyzes from afar the January 23, 2020 crash of Air Tanker 134, the Coulson Aviation EC-130Q in which Paul Hudson, Ian…

Air tanker crash in Australia kills three crew members

Updated at 4:58 a.m. PST January 23, 2020 (US time) A C-130Q air tanker (N134CG) crashed in southern New South Wales Thursday January 23 (Australia time). Coulson Aviation released a statement saying their aircraft, Tanker 134, had departed from Richmond…

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