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Bob Gliem
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Bob Gliem is the Technical Director for US Fire Pump Company based in Louisiana USA and brings with him 30 years in the fire service, both municipal and industrial, most recently serving as Assistant Fire Chief for one of North America’s largest refineries. Bob has served as a Subject Matter Expert of foam firefighting and mobile fire apparatus and has instructed various agencies around the world. As a certified IFSAC Instructor III with numerous other national certifications, Bob conducts training and case studies for large water flow delivery and bulk storage emergencies.

Training during and after the pandemic: what some feel may be the new norm

As we started 2020, the pandemic was just getting a grip on the world and it seemed as though everything was coming to a standstill. Most were confused with what the future looked like, and some were not even thinking…

Buying high value equipment – The ins and outs of the procurement process – Part 2
So, you have been approved to spend some money. A lot of money for that matter. Now the fun begins! Sound familiar? As we discussed in the previous article of this topic, the next steps are delivery, acceptance and training.…
Buying high value equipment – The in’s and out’s of the procurement process

So, you’re in the market to make a purchase, maybe a large purchase at that. Have you completed all your homework? Do you have the answers to the questions the procurement department approving the purchase will ask? We could go…

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