Brenda Leahy
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Brenda is Communications Officer at AFAC Research Utilisation. She held a similar role at the Bushfire CRC and moved when the Bushfire CRC’s research utilisation function transferred to AFAC in 2014. You can contact Brenda at

Learning lessons from research insights: Black Saturday

The 2009 Black Saturday bushfires made history as one of Australia’s deadliest and costliest peacetime tragedies. A new industry guideline helps us learn from this tragic event. Human endurance and the capabilities of emergency service providers were tested by the…

The Power of Debrief – From Chaos to Synchronicity

With the growing complexity and intensity of disaster incidents, both natural and human-caused, the need to continuously review and improve is becoming a strategic and operational imperative for emergency services organisations. As factors such as extreme weather and continued urban…

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