Brett Staines
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Brett Stains is Technical Development Manager, Fire & Security Products, Australasia, UTC. FPA Australia TAC 11/22 Chair and Australian Standards Special Hazards Committee Chair.

Thai Pyrogen deaths a grim reminder

The tragic deaths of eight people following the accidental triggering of a Pyrogen extinguishing system in a Thai bank in March 2016 should not happen in Australia as long as the necessary standards are used. Pyrogen systems have been sold…

Gaseous fire suppression systems ā€“ understanding safety measures

Understanding how the extinguishing agents in your gaseous fire suppression system are regulated under national law has many benefits including protecting your workers and the environment. Commercial and industrial premises have many types of fire protection systems and equipment. These…

Environmental selection and use of firefighting foams

The fire protection industry has concerns with the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protectionā€™s draft policy on firefighting foams, and calls for modifications. Firefighting foam is a suppression agent used for controlling and extinguishing fires involving flammable liquids. Recently…

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