Dr Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter
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Carl is CEO of Coltraco Ultrasonics and works to advance professionalism, performance and integrity in international business and public life. He was awarded the OBE for Services to Business and International Trade in HM The Queen’s Birthday Honours in June 2019 and holds an Honorary Doctorate of Science of Durham University and is Professor-in-Practice at Durham Business School.

Why compartmentation testing is overlooked and undervalued

Would you enter a building if you were told as you stepped in that in the event of a fire there was a chance that the extinguishing system wouldn’t put it out because the fire couldn’t be contained?  o! People…

The importance of fire suppression in wind turbines

Wind power is an exciting emerging sector that needs those of us involved in fire safety to get on board. As electricity generation becomes more reliant on renewable energy, wind power is becoming increasingly important in the energy mix. As…

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