Chad McLean
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Chad McLean is the certification manager for the new Certifire scheme operated by Warringtonfire Australia. He has been with Warringtonfire for over 17 years in the Testing division, with the last 12 years as Testing Group Manager, before recently taking on the role of establishing the product certification business. Chad takes pride in being an advocate for increasing the quality of passive fire products to the building industry, whether from a testing point of view or in his current focus in product certification.

The history of product certification
Third-party product certification schemes build on and strengthen the assurance provided by testing. They help to ensure that products and systems are consistently manufactured to exacting standards, have been installed correctly and/or will perform as required throughout the lifecycle of…
Warringtonfire launches Certifire AU certification scheme

Warringtonfire Australia has launched a new independent third-party certification scheme, Certifire AU that will provide manufacturers of fire-protection products and systems the opportunity to differentiate themselves from non-certified equivalents and provide long-term confidence to specifiers and end users. The original…

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