Craig Shelley
Craig Shelley
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Craig is a 45-year veteran of the fire service. He served with the FDNY for 26 years retiring as the Chief of Marine Operations. Currently, Craig is an Assistant Chief with Industrial Emergency Services (IES) and Manager of Marine Operations. In addition, he is the CEO of World Safe International.

Petroleum Storage Tank Facilities – Part 3

In previous installments of this series we talked about the types of petroleum storage tanks, their locations, common fire hazards, described the types of fires, and fire suppression systems that storage tanks may have. In this third and final article we…

Petroleum Storage Tank Facilities – Part 1

In today’s fire service we tend to focus our pre-planning and training for the “bread and butter” operations that we encounter daily. These ‘bread and butter’ operations are generally single and double residential structure fires, multiple family structure fires, hi-rise…

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