Glen Beasley
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Glen Beasley is a Firefighter, who has served for 13 years in the Emergency Services Industry, His background includes; firefighting, rescue, hazmat, mines rescue, wild-land firefighting, emergency medical response, public education and emergency preparedness. While working as a Firefighter, Glen has completed a Bachelor’s of Clinical Practice (Paramedicine) at Charles Sturt University Bathurst. As well as his firefighting, he is also currently working as a paramedic for the New South Wales Ambulance Service. Glen has a strong belief that it is important to push the industry forward by taking an evidence-based approach to find the best possible practice to improve safety.

Is your fire service prepared? Firefighter cardiac arrest – Part 2

As discussed in part one there is a high physiological risk associated with firefighting and its environmental conditions. Some of these include exposure to high heat and humidity and an environment of high toxicological risk. In part one of this…

Is your fire service prepared? Firefighter cardiac arrest – Part 1

As all of us know, firefighting is a dangerous profession and it is increasingly evident that firefighters are at a much higher cardiovascular risk than any other profession; this is due to a range of different exposures and workloads created…

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