Harlan Johnson
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Harlan Johnson has worked in the wildland firefighting industry for over 45 years as a Forester and Federal Contracting Officer for the U.S. Forest Service and U.S. Department of the Interior. After retirement he became the Vice President and General Manager of AeroFlite, the operator of RJ-85 Large AirTankers and CL 415 water scooping aircraft. He now operates Eagle Mountain Consulting and is on the BLAZETAMER380 team devoting much of his time to next generation wildland firefighting operations through improved aircraft and product performance.

Fire suppressant – NEXTGEN water enhancer innovation

Fire suppressants have been around since the first time that water was used to put out a campfire. Water remains the most available, cheapest, and highly effective direct attack suppressant available to the wildland fire community, but as we all…

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