Ian Dunbar
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Ian spent 19 years in the UK Fire and Rescue Service, specialising in technical rescue and trauma care before becoming a technical and medical rescue consultant. He has worked in over 100 countries worldwide, authored a best-selling book and has been instrumental in the development of several innovative rescue tools. He is an associate tutor at the Fire Service College in the UK and is part of the TOCA Safety Team, covering all rounds of the British Touring Car Championship. Ian has worked with the FIA on the introduction of the ‘Halo’ into Formula 1. Ian is now owner and director of Ian Dunbar Training and Consultancy Ltd.

Cross ramming – The rarely practiced art

You probably all remember that one piece of equipment that you weren’t confident with in the first years of your career. In my case, it was a mechanical winch, known as a Tirfor. This was because we rarely (if ever)…

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