Ian Lynch
Ian Lynch
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Ian Lynch is a retired Army Colonel, having served over 33 years in the Australian Army. Ian is currently the General Manager Asia Pacific for Humanihut and is the Lead for Australian Government relationships.

When time is of the essence

While beautiful, the Australian landscape can be harsh and unforgiving. Affecting and devastating the lives of so many people across the country, the Black Summer Bushfires of 2019/20 are now permanently etched into our psyche. But there are many other…

Humanihut provides field accommodation at the height of the Black Summer bushfires

Kylie Wurst, like thousands of her volunteer firefighter colleagues across the country, was deployed to assist the exhausted and overwhelmed local emergency services personnel fighting the unpredictable and ferocious bushfires in Australia in 2019/2020. Kylie was deployed on two separate…

Humanihut delivers an innovative emergency accommodation solution

When there is a requirement for a rapidly deployable accommodation solution that provides comfort, scalability and integrated services for emergency services workers, the award-winning Humanihut Field Infrastructure System is new to the market. Humanihut has attended the last two AFACs,…

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