James Wong
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James Wong is a Senior Station Officer with the Country Fire Authority (CFA) in Victoria, Australia. He has been an operational career firefighter for 15 years, working at some of Victoria’s most active fire stations in the outer metropolitan suburbs south east of Melbourne. Since July 2015, James has had an operational leadership role on the Victorian Respiratory Protection Replacement Project (RPRP); a project to replace obsolescent compressed air breathing apparatus (CABA) equipment across the Victorian emergency services sector. The RPRP will see new CABA that enhances interoperability amongst Victorian emergency services agencies (ie. fire, police, ambulance, corrections). James was awarded a Victorian Emergency Services Foundation (ESF) scholarship in 2016, to explore the successful implementation of respiratory protection innovation and technology within complex structural environments.

Air systems for emergency responders

The protection and preservation of life is paramount; this includes the safety of emergency services personnel, and the safety of community members including vulnerable community members and visitors/tourists within the incident area. The increase in urbanisation has resulted in emergency…

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