Javier Castro
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Javier Castro has been in the fire business from 2001. He has led all R&D activities on firefighting foam concentrates for Auxquimia, from AFFFs to Fluorine free over more than 15 years. Over this period of time he has developed some special products designed for very specific applications. He has been directly involved not only in product development, but very active on technical consultancy, always very close to end user´s needs. Mr. Castro holds a chemical Engineer Degree from Oviedo University and he has been deeply trained over his career on QHSE, Finance and Management amongst others.

Firefighting foam concentrates – the constant evolution: Part 2

The foam concentrate is a mixture of different raw materials such as solvents, salts, corrosion inhibitors and mainly surfactants. In case of synthetic products, there are two types of surfactants: hydrocarbon chain, which are primarily responsible of foaming capacity and…

Firefighting foam concentrates – the constant evolution: Part 1

In the last decade there have been many advances in foam for firefighting. Since 2001 the multinational 3M ceased to manufacture surfactants and fluorinated AFFF foams due to the ban on PFOS (perfluorooctyl sulfonates), a flurry of development has been…

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