Jim Pauley
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Jim Pauley is President and CEO of the NFPA.

Confusion and catastrophes led to a time-tested consensus process

The NFPA looks back on 125 years while working to serve global stakeholders today and into the future.  This year marks 125 years since the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) was started back in 1896. Not too many organizations get to…

Seminal research looks at US fire experience since America Burning

‘The striking aspect of the Nation’s fire problem is the indifference with which Americans confront the subject. Destructive fire takes a huge toll in lives, injuries, and property losses, yet there is no need to accept those losses with resignation.…

COVID-19 challenged us all, while reminding us about the importance of basic safety benchmarks

Without question, dealing with COVID-19 has been daunting for all of us – citizens, business owners, emergency managers, manufacturers – and of course the tireless men and women on the front line. Even the very mention of the front line…

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