Dr Josh Whittaker
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Dr Josh Whittaker, Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC and the University of Wollongong.

Lessons from Black Summer: how people experienced the 2019/20 NSW fire season

More than 1,200 people shared their experiences of the worst fire season in New South Wales’ history to help improve communications and warnings. Research after the worst fire season in New South Wales’ history shows there are challenges around community…

Understanding bushfire risk, warnings and responses – lessons from the 2018 Reedy Swamp fire

Research into the 2018 Reedy Swamp fire finds that many people consider bushfire preparation as something that is undertaken when directly threatened by fire, not well in advance of an active threat. On Sunday, 18 March 2018 a bushfire impacted…

Research gives insight into community bushfire response in Australia

New South Wales, Australia faced some of the worst bushfire conditions ever forecast for the state in January and February 2017, including Catastrophic fire danger ratings (Australia’s highest danger level for fire) for many communities. During this time, a number of large and damaging fires occurred, but fortunately no human lives were lost during the worst of the conditions.

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