Karl Ahlgren
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Karl Ahlgren is a marketing manager at Techs4biz Australia with lengthy experience working with international information-technology businesses, after studies in Engineering and Business at the Warwick Business School.

How to ensure intrinsically safe inspection

Organizations in several different industries are not only worrying about their Covid-19 risk but also how to ensure intrinsically safe inspection. Intrinsic safety is a term describing the protection technique to prevent ignition in hazardous areas by limiting the energy,…

Hazardous chemicals inspection and safe storage management

Hazardous chemicals inspection seems like a blatantly obvious task that is beyond improvement. Once there is a safe way to inspect hazardous liquids or materials, there is no need to change that, right? The matter remains that hazardous chemicals inspection…

Oil and gas inspections with paperless solutions

The oil and gas industry remains one of the largest, most important and lucrative of Australian industries; with oil and gas inspection one of the cornerstones of its impressive scale. The upcoming annual Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA)…

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