Ken Taylor
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Ken Taylor has been involved in the electronics and radio-communications industries for almost forty years. He has been involved in projects with CSIRO’s radio-astronomy programs and the Bureau of Meteorology’s radar and satellite engineering divisions. He was responsible for the upgrading and modernisation of satellite and radio communications infrastructure for numerous Pacific Island nations and for the UK and New Zealand governments in the Pacific. Ken is currently owner of Australian UAV Technologies Pty. Ltd. (Silvertone Electronics) and is working on autopilot systems and communications and LIDAR payloads for UAV’s. Ken is a member of the Institute of Engineering Technologists and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.

Use of unmanned aerial vehicles for emergency communications

Communications during an emergency response are of paramount importance for safety of responders and efficient execution of emergency plans. However communications are highly likely to be compromised during an emergency; an extreme weather event, such as the Hunter Region floods…

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