Mark L. Gribble
Mark L. Gribble
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International Standards Organisation (ISO) and Standards Australia representative for firefighting PPE.

What is your firefighting philosophy?

As I travel the world researching advancements in PPC/PPE, I often hear firefighters seeking the very latest technology in the component makeup of firefighting gear. Sometimes this is a quantum leap from where they currently are. This time of enhancement…

What does your Structural Firefighting Gear Protect you Against?

To get the best protection out of your Personal Protective Clothing (PPC), you must first know a little about your chosen PPC and its associated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and how that is compatible with your fire services resources and…

Investing In Your Protection and Protecting Your Investment

The importance of correct purchasing considerations and the associated dynamics for firefighters Personal Protective Equipment/Personal Protective Clothing (PPE/PPC). This article deals with the most important asset that a fire service has, its Firefighters. Agencies invest considerable amounts of money in…

PPE/PPC – the Last Line of Defence – Part 1

One of the most important safety tools that a firefighter brings to an emergency incident is their senses. In their raw state, the well trained and heightened senses of; sight, smell, feel, hearing and taste, provide the human body with…

PPE/PPC – The Last Line of Defence – Part 2

In my last article in this series of Last Line Of Defence, I wrote about ‘Ensemble Thinking’ and the important issues of compatibility of different items of PPE/PPC. This becomes very useful when trying to identify the most vulnerable component…

PPE / PPC: The Last Line of Defence

In the world of modern fire and emergency services, there is an ever-increasing trend for firefighters to respond to more and different types of emergencies. With this trend, comes the commensurate need for effective and efficient Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).…

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