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Mike Willson has over 25 years experience in the fire industry across many sectors including Aviation, Refineries, Brigades, bulk fuel storage, much of it involved in flammable liquids as a technical specialist on Class B foams, their application and associated foam delivery systems.

Might some current small-scale approval fire tests be dangerously misleading us?

We take it for granted that many small-scale approval tests use heptane as a substitute for gasoline around the world, but might this have significant concerns for public safety? Historically, fluorinated C8 and C6 foams have exhibited very similar control…

How could two states come to contrary conclusions over PFAS?

2017 saw South Australia propose a limited ban on PFOS and PFOA based firefighting foams. Every public consultation submission endorsed this position as a great idea. Only a third preferred a complete ban on all firefighting foams in future containing…

Queensland’s ‘management of firefighting foam’ policy – Part 2

Last issue, Part 1 of this article covered a range of issues with Queensland’s (QLD) recent foam policy, while also complementing it for taking action on PFOS and PFOA. We reviewed other important considerations of the fire, like smoke and…

Queensland’s ‘management of firefighting foam’ policy – Part 1

Many were surprised the promised 3rd draft consultation by Queensland’s Department of Environment and Heritage Protection never materialised, when the Minister unexpectedly announced implementation of its final Policy on 8th July 2016. Was this a carefully considered, well thought through…

Aspects of foam need careful consideration – Part 2

Part 1 in the January issue looked at PFOS as a legacy issue, why foam is so beneficial when dealing with large flammable liquid fires and how fluorotelomer surfactants provide critical fuel shedding capabilities necessary for reliable, effective and efficient…

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