Nathan Semos
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Nathan Semos is Chief Operating Officer at Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia). Starting his career as a building surveyor, Nathan has also spent more than a decade managing essential safety measures for property services and advisory firms across all sectors of the fire protection industry. Nathan holds qualifications in architecture, building surveying and performance-based building and fire codes.

Developing and diversifying the fire protection industry

The fire protection sector needs to encourage more young people, particularly women, into the industry if it is going to flourish. Like most industries, the fire protection sector is aging. Those practitioners who made their way through the golden age…

Residential sprinklers are the new standard

Australia’s population is growing, adding around 400,000 people per year to our suburbs and towns. This has led to a shift in the construction of residential buildings away from stand-alone dwellings on the traditional quarter-acre block to medium- and high-density…

The opportunity of reform

Industry involvement in fire-safety reforms will undoubtedly deliver better results for all. Fire-sector reform is definitely popular at the moment, with an increasing focus on regulatory improvement, greater compliance and accountability. Following high-profile incidents such as the cladding-related fires in…

Dealing with the challenges of conducting fire-protection work in Australia during COVID-19

We are living in unprecedented times, with COVID-19 gripping communities across the globe. Shutdowns, restrictions and social distancing have changed the nature of business and created uncertainty for every industry. In Australia, the Commonwealth Government has led a National Cabinet…

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