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Neville White is a Director of FRA and Senior Project Manager specializing in Fire, Water and Mould with over 20 years’ experience in the industry.

Flood/water restoration is part of community recovery

Fires cause Home and Business owners to face the anguish of losing prized valuables, photographs, documents, even special items that may be low in cost but high in sentimental value for parents or children who understand that replacement with a new item is not always the best option.

Most people who have never experienced the impact of fire, understand that it’s probably the most traumatic and distressing event they will ever likely experience. Within the industry, we genuinely care about getting people back on their feet again.

That is where the role of the Restoration company comes into its own. This is not to say that everything is restorable as there are some items in a fire that will be damaged beyond repair and deemed beyond salvage, but for those items deemed potentially salvageable, the restorer has a very good chance of successfully restoring the damaged structure or contents.

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