Richard Hosier
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Richard Hosier is a technical expert in the wire and cable industry. With 30 years’ experience working in senior technical and management positions at Huber+Suhner, Nexans, MICC, BASEC and Marmon Electrical group.

Is your life-safety equipment ‘fit for purpose’?

Life-safety, firefighting and critical emergency systems depend on the unfailing reliability of electric cables during a fire. Should these essential cable systems fail, the critical equipment they supply also fails, putting occupants, emergency responders and property at risk.  A fragmented…

Electrical circuits supporting life safety and fire fighting equipment

Unlike other cables, fire resistant cables have to work even when directly exposed to fire to keep essential equipment working: Fire alarms, emergency lighting, emergency warning and communication systems (EWIS), fire sprinkler pumps, fireman’s lift sub-mains, smoke extraction fans, smoke…

Fire performance of Electric Cables

Electrical cables are frequently blamed by the media and fire authorities as the cause of building fires however it is often not the failure of the cable which starts a fire but the misuse of the cable by frayed or…

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