Richard Woods
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Richard is a former Police Officer in NSW and has extensive experience in Rural Fire Management and Investigation. He established and managed the NSW Rural Fire Service’s Fire Investigation Unit for nine years and more recently has worked in the ACT Emergency Services Agency. He is an Adjunct Associate Lecturer in Wildfire Investigation, with Charles Sturt University and has delivered wildfire investigation training in Australia, the USA, The Netherlands and South East Asia. Whilst seconded to the Australian Commonwealth Attorney General’s Department, he developed National Bushfire Arson Prevention arrangements and is a member of a number of North American based Wildfire Investigation Committees. Richard has completed a Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma in Fire Investigation. He manages a Wildfire Investigation Consultancy ‘Wildfire Investigations and Analysis’ providing wildfire cause opinions and training in wildfire investigation internationally.

Tracking the wildfire arsonist…bloodhounds hot on the trail

Travelling to the state of West Virginia in May 2019, Richard Woods conducted a one-week study of a program involving Bloodhound Units used in wildfire investigation to assess their effectiveness. The results can only be described as outstanding. The aim…

Wildfire investigation – finding the spark

Accurate identification of the cause of a Wildfire plays a critical behind-the-scenes role when it comes to the presentation of evidence in Criminal, Coronial or Civil proceedings, or to gain an accurate picture of the cause of fires in an…

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