Sam Massa
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Sam Massa is the president and Chief Technologist for HiViz LED Lighting and the FIRETECH brand. Sam is an American Firefighter/EMT and Hazardous Materials Technician based in North Carolina, as well as a technical specialist in areas of scene lights. Sam is a member of the North American “Fire Apparatus Manufacturers’ Association” and has provided input and public comment on language adopted in to the NFPA 1901 Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus. HiViz LED Lighting can be found online at and Sam reached at

Bigger is not always better in the age of modern lighting technology

For the last 25 years, lighting manufacturers have been in a fierce competition to out-shine each other. The focus of modern manufacturers has been one-upping the next with more lumens from their latest fixture. Specifically, with regard to LED technologies,…

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