Thomas Loridan
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Thomas Loridan is a lead scientist at Risk Frontiers who specializes in atmospheric hazard modelling with a particular emphasis on Tropical Cyclones (TCs). He holds a PhD from King’s College London where he studied models of the urban boundary layer. In the past 5 years Thomas’ work has led to the development of various techniques to simulate the variability in severe winds observed from TCs across the world’s most active basins. More recently Thomas’ research has also focussed on developing risk metrics for heatwaves in Australia.

A machine learning model of tropical cyclone wind risk

Extreme winds from tropical cyclones (TCs) regularly threaten communities worldwide. In recent decades significant efforts have been put towards improving our understanding of the mechanisms involved. In particular detailed analysis of satellite imagery and observations from aircraft reconnaissance missions have…

A heatwave classification for heat related fatality risk

Research undertaken by Risk Frontiers shows that heatwaves are responsible for the largest number of deaths in Australia from natural disasters (Coates et al. 2014). In particular the South East Australia Region has been affected by 6 of the top…

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