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AWG Fittings GmbH

AWG Fittings GmbH

AWG Fittings GmbH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of mobile and stationary fire protection systems. As a complete provider of fire-fighting fittings, fire protection systems and hydraulic rescue equipment, we supply fire services, industry and other users with advanced and innovative products on every continent in the world.

With the expertise and extensive experience we have gained over many decades, we are now able to make a significant contribution to greater efficiency and efficacy in rescue and fire-fighting operations. What’s more, we are very good listeners! Constant and direct contact with the people who use AWG products promotes continuous development on our part.

Our aim is to protect and preserve lives and property. We must work hard at improving our products every day if we are to fulfil this lofty ambition. We know that rescue teams in every country greatly appreciate the high standard of quality of our products. And we see it as our responsibility to ensure that this continues to be the case. State-of-the-art technology, easy and intuitive handling, robust reliability and always resource-efficient: these are the consistent features of modern fire-fighting and rescue systems from AWG Fittings GmbH.

All products are made with the utmost care by highly trained workers at the Ballendorf facility (Baden-Wurttemberg). The comprehensive testing of individual components is one of the main quality guidelines designed to ensure that products consistently meet the highest specifications for use in rescue operations.


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