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Hytrans HS150 supplying up to 7,000lpm to an ACT Fire & Rescue appliance.

Bluemont Pty Ltd – Demonstrate the Hytrans HS150 system throughout Australia

In 2005, Bluemont brought to Australia the Hytrans HS150 system demonstration truck and completed live demonstrations for fire services throughout Queensland, NSW, ACT & Victoria.

This is the same unit on a similar skid platform that has been common for many years throughout the UK, Europe, Asia and the US.

For much of the world, this is not new technology as they have been using it for quite some years.

For Australia, the Fire & Rescue NSW Hytrans Bulk Water Transfer System is a first and confirms that large diameter hose and high volume mobile pumping / bulk water transfer is a capability that fire services across the world including Australia require.

The Hytrans system, which consists of a diesel powerpack driving a hydraulic submersible pump capable of accessing water in any direction up to 60 metres, was delivered in July 2015, with some work on the F&R NSW truck being completed by Hyva Pacific Pty Ltd, the commissioning and training began in early August.

The complete unit also includes an inbuilt hose box that houses 1,500 metres of 152mm / 6” large diameter layflat hose.

The best way to achieve competency is simply a matter of being hands on with the system during deployment and recovery over the training week.

Once the system was introduced, the real learning began with the hospitality of Airservices Australia at Sydney Airport.

The day involved a full deployment of the system including hose laying at 40 km/hr of the 1,600 metres of 152mm / 6” large diameter hose.

Once deployed and fully operational and user training undertaken, recovery was the next task.

The Hytrans HRU200 (hose recovery unit) is a mechanised hydraulic hose recovery system engineered for use with layflat hoses up to 200mm. The HRU200 has been proven globally, however in more recent times and locally has been well used and proven by the CFA Scoresby Hose Layer capability during the Hazelwood and Somerton woodpile fires amongst many others the brigade has attended.

The Hytrans HRU (hose recovery unit) in operation on the shore of Lake Burley Griffin at Canberra recovering the Fire & Rescue NSW 152mm / 6” large diameter hose.

The Hytrans HRU (hose recovery unit) in operation on the shore of Lake Burley Griffin at Canberra recovering the Fire & Rescue NSW 152mm / 6” large diameter hose.

The teams changed over during their first major HRU role to gain hands on experience in this task. Even though the teams changed for experience, and it was their first time, they did a great job and recovered all of the 1,600 metres of hose in less than 1 hour, which is fantastic for a first time.

The deployment locations than were changed to broaden the experience of deploying the Hytrans system and gain an insight into the flexibility of the F&R NSW bulk water capability.

The next deployment was along the Georges River at Revesby, where the Revesby aerial appliance 047 was supplied with bulk water. This deployment proved that the Hytrans capability could supply two of these units with bulk water.

The last day was out at Eastern Creek at the Sydney Motorsport park where with a team of three (3), Andrew from F&R NSW, Jasper from Hytrans and myself, we recovered 1,500 metres of hose in less than 45 minutes.

In December, with the support of F&R NSW, their Hytrans Bulk Water Transfer System was used for a demonstration of the capability for the ACT emergency services, namely the ACT F&R, ACT RFS and the ACT SES.

The attendance on the day was very positive, with approximately 30 service members turning out on a beautiful Canberra summer’s day to see the Hytrans system being deployed.

The deployment was only a short run of about 400 metres along the shore of Lake Burley Griffin and the water was supplied into an ACT F&RS appliance with roof mounted monitor.

For more information, go to www.bluemont.com.au/fire-fighting/

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